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Areas of Practice



Litigation is at the heart of our society's desire for justice. and the firm specializes in handling lawsuits (for plaintiffs and defendants) and bringing cases to a successful conclusion.  Previous litigation experience includes routinely defending and prosecuting six- and seven figure cases arising out of personal injuries, product liability, wrongful death, commercial losses, and breach of contract.  Complexities successfully addressed through litigation involve issues of personal jurisdiction, indemnification clauses, enforcement of waivers and releases, and the impact of federal regulations.  Whether you or your company need to protect interests or enforce rights through the courts or arbitration, the firm stands ready to help.

  • Complex Litigation

  • Personal Injury

  • Product Liability

  • Commercial Disputes

  • Employment Law

Business law

The law intersects nearly every aspect of operating a business, from initial organization to mitigating exposure to liability.  Additionally, business relationships are more complex and dynamic than in the past.  Recognizing this environment, the firm assists clients draft and negotiate contracts and develop workplace policies that cover a wide variety of situations.  The advice offered to corporate clients is practical and balanced, so that legal requirements are a solution, not an impediment, to achieving your business objectives.  Finally, all businesses need to minimize their legal liability, and the firm's holistic approach will help your company assess its exposures and protect against risks.

  • General Counsel Services

  • Contract Drafting

  • Policy Drafting

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Entity Formation


The need for personal legal services is growing because the democratic society in which we live is more educated and informed about individual rights and ensuring those rights are protected.  Whether you wish to create a last will and testament for passing property from one generation to the next or establish directives based upon a loved one's health and capacity, the firm is able to assist.  The firm is also capable of addressing your matrimonial and family law issues, whether you require a premarital agreement or need to commence or defend against an action for divorce.  For individuals who operate as sole proprietors or are considering entrepreneurship, the firm is there to advise and guide you.

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

  • Guardianship

  • Identity Theft