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Supporting The Injured Through Litigation For Decades

One of the most common reasons to litigate is because of an injury. After a car crash or product defect causes an injury, you will likely need substantial support to really recover. At Lare Law Firm, our founding attorney James G. Lare is a well-regarded personal injury litigator with decades of experience in high-profile personal injury law.

Your future matters. Our firm can help you achieve an optimal settlement in negotiations or at trial. We help individuals and families after major life events and medical crises, including after catastrophic injuries and death. Speak with James Lare and our attorneys at 215-660-0400.

Our Reputation Is Supported By Results

We strive to help you obtain the best possible settlement and support. This includes advocating for you and your loved ones after life-altering injuries and death. The financial stressors on you are likely quite serious, and you may be eligible for support in:

  • Immediate medical expenses, including hospital stays and ambulance care
  • Ongoing and follow-up treatments, physical therapy and in-home nursing support
  • Adaptive technologies like wheelchairs, ramps and lift chairs
  • Lost wages and income, including potential earnings for a lost loved one
  • Funerary expenses and ongoing support for your family

Our familiarity with the courts and judges in Philadelphia County and the surrounding communities and the federal courts provides valuable insights and added value when developing a legal strategy. In the course of our practice, we have worked with some of our state’s most challenging cases.

At Lare Law Firm, we work with clients in many areas of litigation. Our experience is extensive and includes commercial litigation, employment law disputes and civil rights litigation. If you need an advocate during a dispute, call our office.

Let Us Address Your Legal Issue Today

We invite you to call 215-660-0400 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We will review the facts of your case, answer your questions and offer a candid assessment of what you can expect.